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  • One-key switch of dual mode, vacuum cleaner and air pump can be done in one machine. Sliding the button makes it easy to switch between pumping and vacuuming modes. You only need to own one product to achieve the functions of two products.
  • The strong suction power of10000Pais derived from the high-performance brushless motor. The brush device on the traditional motor is eliminated, and the service life is longer. MCU digital control, higher speed. Equipped with the brand-new "Hot Wheel" blade, the suction is stronger. The maximum speed can reach 80,000 revolutions, and the maximum suction power can reach 10KPa, which can easily suck away the impurities and garbage.
  • Tire pressure detection is clear at a glance, and the preset tire pressure will stop when it is full. In order to travel safely, it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure for your car. When the tire pressure is insufficient, you can preset the expected pressure value, turn on the inflation, and achieve the preset After setting the air pressure, it will stop automatically, making the inflation smarter.
  • 150PSIhigh-pressure rapid inflation, excellent air duct design, continuous pumping without heating. The internal cooling fan and ventilation hole design greatly reduce the temperature rise during the pumping process and ensure the efficient operation of the motor. The unique cylinder design achieves a super-atmospheric flow rate of 10L/min, the maximum inflation pressure reaches 150PSI, and the full charge can fill 2 car tires continuously.
  • IntelligentLED screendisplay, touch button to start and stop. High-brightness LED air pressure display, three air pressure units of KPa/ PSI/ Bar cyclically switch, smart touch design, easy control of the air pump on and off.