Xiaomi Mijia
Xiaomi Mijia
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  • The 3L rice cooker can cook 8 bowls of rice
  • 24 Modes Customized Cooking Plan
  • Quick cooking mode, convenient and time-saving
  • One-click heating, simple and quick
  • One-click heating, simple and quick
  • New curved surface liner
  • Upper and lower dual temperature probe
  • Explicit hidden panel design
  • The beating is fine, the taste is smooth, and the residue rate is less than 6%
  • Fast playing, 18000 rpm high-speed DC motor, only 35 seconds
  • 304 stainless steel four-leaf cutter head, hidden design, safe and durable
  • The main body of the knife holder has a removable sealing ring, which is easy to clean and not easy to hold dirt
  • 12 cups can be squeezed continuously when fully charged
  • Type-C interface, charge anywhere
  • Safety protection, double-click to start to prevent accidental touch
  • Double Lock, the upper and lower alignment points are aligned, and it cannot be started if it is not aligned.
  • Battery core temperature control protection, safe charging and discharging
  • Press the power button twice continuously, the water spout is self-cleaning
  • Food contact grade Tritan cup body
  • APP stepless dimming: 16 million colors, and 1880k-7000k color temperature wide range selection.
  • Preset four light mode: Ambilight mode, night light mode, warm mode, reading mode.
  • E27 lamp base and tiny shape: Suitable for a variety of lamps.
  • Xiaomi smart home APP: Connect to the app, the smart light bulb can be controlled by mobile phone, and supports a variety of Mijia equipment linkage to build a personalized intelligent scene.