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  • V-shaped integrated hair brush
  • 1350RPM high-speed rotation
  • Bipolar cyclone on both sides of the garbage to the central location
  • Floating main brush structure, real-time fit the ground
  • Flexible structure to prevent ground damage
  • Automatic heat preservation system is practical.
  • Non-stick design makes it easy to clean.
  • APP control is convenient for using.
  • Inner pot with 4L capacity can meet the needs of daily meals.
  • LED screen and buttons design are convenient for operating.
  • Japan DAIKIN PFA Powder Coating
  • New Concave Hot Plate Structure
  • Double Temperature Probe
  • Support App intelligent control, smart reservation and multiple recipe menu optional (Note: Need to set language to Chinese in the app to get full recipes)
  • Built-in NFC intelligent sensor chip, the phone can quickly enter the smart recipe menu (Note: Phone must be supported with NFC function) 

**Please take note:

  • 1)Need to choose a pot with a magnetic bottom, non-magnetic pots such as glass, ceramics, etc. are not applicable.
  • 2)Do not use the product on the metal table to avoid the danger of heating the metal table
  • Ionic Hair Treatment - The built-in condensation needle condenses the moisture in the air and atomizes it into tiny negative electro-hydraulic ions, and then transfers it to the hair with the wind, effectively reduces static electricity, replenishes moisture and enhances luster.
  • NTC Intelligent Temperature Control - The NTC intelligent temperature control module senses the change of ambient temperature in the air inlet, automatically adjusts the time of alternating hot and cold air blowing, and greatly reduces the scalp discomfort or hair damage caused by excessive temperature.
  • 360° Magnetic Anti-scalding Tuyere - The freely rotatable magnetic air tuyere delivers high-speed airflow wind for fast dry hair. The double-layer structure design can reduce the temperature of the tuyere surface and effectively insulates it.
  • Strong Air volume - 2000rpm high-speed motor + 1.6 m3 large air volume with 6 pieces airfoil blades to effectively control wind noise and fast blow hair.
  • Made of ABS and metal, durable to use.
  • Reciprocating firction, can sweep all kinds of stains and dust effectively.
  • 3 kinds of strong-effect rags, meets your different needs.
  • Flexible rotatable cleaning head, easy to clean closer to walls and edges, under beds, sofas, kickstands.
  • Built-in 2000mAh big battery, charge one time can use 50min, long endurance.
  • Cordless design, you can clean everywhere without tangling.
  • Ergonomic handle design, easy one hand control, no need to bend over, from today you will fall in love with mopping.
  • Electric Bottle Opener - Stainless steel, high-quality, durable and exquisite. Transparent PC display case, visual bottle opening, easy and elegant to operate, easier to Paper cutter designed under the base bottom, dustproof and anti-lost, protect children from touching the bottom spiral hook. It can open 120 bottles of red wine, has long service life and superior performance. The lower cover is detachable and easy to clean.
  • Tin Foil Cutter - stainless steel and ABS
  • Wine Dispenser - Quickly change the red wine bottle with our ergonomically designed spout. High-quality food-grade stainless steel, durable and non-toxic. No side leakage, large liquids do not spill on the table or floor when you use it. Easy to clean
  • Wine Stopper - High-quality food-grade stainless steel and silicone materials, durable and non-toxic. With vacuum efficient preservation. Suitable for wine lovers and bartenders. Stylish look