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  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 21.1cm x 11.7cm x 28cm
  • Power: 235W
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • U-shaped air outlet to be able to dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time
  • Also can function as heater, dehumidification, cloths dryer
  • Prevent bacteria and germs during rainy days
  • Temperature between 45-65°C
  • Able to kill 99.9% germs and bacteria
  • Remove bad smells of shoes and socks

● The scented valve is controlled by electromagnetic induction, which is less cumbersome than the mechanical type, more accurate, and the instantaneous response will release the aroma when the preset time is reached, and bid farewell to the delay or card machine.
● Not only can be automatically sprayed but also configure the manual mode, the aroma listens to your command.
● Improve the horizontal eruption system to vertical, avoiding the shackles of direct injection. The collecting spout can spray the aroma into the air in a bundle, so that the aroma can be emitted far and wide, reaching all corners of the room in all directions.
● High-pressure design with a micro-hole nozzle, sprayed out with fine particles to form artificial fragrance, long-term elegant, suspended in the air.

  • 3D Independent Floating Cutter Head
    • This razor has three sets of independently floating cutter heads, which add 1/3 shaving area than the ordinary double cutter razor. The cutter head has a smooth touch and elastic veneer to adapt to different face contours
  • Ultra-thin Double Ring Cutter
    • The knife net blades are double-loop design, which greatly increases the knife net and face contact area, and the shaving efficiency is doubled
  •  ESM Smart Shaving System
    •  5W high power, powerful power, low noise control for a comfortable experience.
  • Intelligent Anti-pinch
    • When the battery is low, the razor can keep the cutter speed constant and avoid the low-speed clamp.
  • Charging for 1 Hour, Using 2 Months
    •  Ideal for traveling
  • Split Design
    •  The cutter head assembly and the fuselage are separately designed. When cleaning, the cutter head cover can be pulled out and put into the water for rinsing. After washing and drying, the operation is simple and convenient
  • Automatic Grinding Blade
    • The material of this cutter head net is made of imported steel from Japan. It is precisely fitted. When the razor is opened, the blade is automatically ground to keep the cutter head sharp and durable.

● Ten of millions of Negative Ions, quick drying and protect hair
● Portable design with foldable handle, easy to carry for travel
● 18000rpm high speed motor with powerful airflow, quick-drying with hair care
● Innovative balanced heating element design
● Adjustable wind speed to enjoy strong and soft wind, hot and cold wind
● Aerodynamic noise reduction design with less noise and more comfortable
● Double protection from overheating and fuse, Automatically power off when tempreture exceeding

  • ● 5N.m high torque, strong magnetic motor, large motor
  • ● Built-in 2000mAh large capacity Li-ion battery, type-c charging, cordless portable design
  • ● 12 x S2 steel high-quality bits with additional extension rod
  • ● Ring LED light, clear lighting
  • 4L large-capacity water tank, Add water from the top to make it easier.

  • 280ML add appropriate amount per hour.

  • Continue to run for 36 hours to avoid repeated water addition.

  • Silver ion antibacterial material. and the antibacterial rate reaches 99%.

  • Work quietly, work noise 38db *.

  • The water mist height exceeds 50 cm.

  • Large-diameter water tank design, It's easier to clean.

  • Double protection system,  it will automatically stop working.


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Description :

  • [ Youth Version ] XIAOMI Mijia DCL002CM Smart Induction Cooker 9 Grades Temperature Control 2100W
  • [Double Anti-slip, Stable And Durable]:The panel is specially equipped with a high temperature resistant non-slip silicone ring. The pan is placed in a safer place for easy removal and easy cleaning. Increase the special anti-slip mat to make the use process more stable
  • - [Hot And Cold Air Duct Insulation]:The structure is insulated by hot and cold air ducts to prevent hot air from being re-inhaled and increased the internal load. 7-leaf axial flow fan greatly increases heat dissipation and extends product life
  • - [ High Temperature Protection System ]:A built-in temperature sensor triggers the overheat protection system when the temperature reaches the preset protection temperature and stops heating. Without the pot, the heating will stop automatically, the LED light will continue to flash, and the induction cooker will sound a tone. When the induction cooker detects the matching pot again within 1 minute, it will automatically return to the heating.
  • - [9 Grade Little Adjust Firepower ]:In order to solve the indirect heating problem, Mijia Induction Cooker-Youth Version uses dual-frequency fire heating technology, high-temperature high-frequency to achieve the firepower of the stir-fry, low-temperature low-frequency can continue to heat
  • Brand Name: Xiaomi
  • Power (W): 500w
  • Voltage (V): 220V-/50HZ
  • Timing Function: No Timing
  • Remote Control Function: No
  • Type: Cooling Fan & Heating Fan
  • Suspender Length: No Suspender
  • Air supply mode: Other
  • Model Number: Moonyee
  • Fan Speed: Third Gear
  • Water tank capacity: 300ML
  • Cooling time: 6Hours